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An initiative to embrace natural wavy hair that’s neither completely straight,

nor completely curly.

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2-Step Process for Black Tone

Vaseegrahveda Henna & Indigo #firstimpressions I am quite comfortable, rather proud of my grey, steel silver linings on my crown. Since 2017, I stopped applying any color-treatments and then the best thing happened…I started CGM in 2018. Yes, my greys have been a little unmanageable, but that’s the story for another day. Recently, on a…

Can Dry Scalp Cause Hair Loss?

Dry Scalp – what pictures does it bring up in your head (pun intended) for you? Itchy, flaky scalp, Seborrheic dermatitis aka dandruff? You are right…but let me tell you something, there is something drastic here. “Dry scalp can cause hair loss.” I had recently written about “Is your Curly Hair Routine giving you an…

Melange Elixir Hail Oil: Review

Melange Elixir True to its name, Melange Elixir is a blend of herbs, fruits and vegetables steeped in coconut and other carrier oils. What started as a small, home-concotion, Melange Elixir by Heena Prakash is a favorite choice of many curly and wavy girls and guys in India. Based out of Mysore, formulated by Heena’s…

Sometimes wavy, sometimes straight, sometimes a little curly.

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