2-Step Process for Black Tone

Vaseegrahveda Henna & Indigo #firstimpressions

#firstimpressions Vaseegrahveda Henna & Indigo

I am quite comfortable, rather proud of my grey, steel silver linings on my crown. Since 2017, I stopped applying any color-treatments and then the best thing happened…I started CGM in 2018. Yes, my greys have been a little unmanageable, but that’s the story for another day.

Recently, on a trip to the Vaseegrahveda farm (VV), I bought some packs of Herbal Black Mask which I am a big fan of, but was intrigued about the Pure Henna & Pure Indigo combo. I wanted to try this for my mother, as the process is a little different than using the black mask (easy-peasy).

I requested the VV family for a sample and they kindly gave me tiny packs (50g) of Henna & Indigo. So, here’s my first impressions of their Henna & Indigo masks for covering greys. This article is #notsponsored but #gifted post.

Before you start

Some points to note:

  1. You can mix Henna + Indigo and apply for brown tone.
  2. You need to follow 2-step process for black tone. This whole process can take 48-72 hours, read on.

Shalini on Insta has been inspirational for me to try this, she has a detailed post, do check it out.

Step 1: Using the Pure Henna Mask

Henna turns darker if left overnight in an iron bowl.

Mix 50g (take double for hair length below bra strap) of Henna with black tea (200ml or less) in an iron bowl (use wooden spoon to mix). I also added 2 tsp of Vaseegrahveda Pure Hibiscus powder (optional) for deeper color and conditioning. Squeeze 1/4 lime (for dye release) & water as required into the mix and leave it overnight.

How to apply

In the AM, start on clarified hair. I cleansed hair with KCCC (Kinky Curly Come Clean) shampoo, detangled and towel dried it, sectioned hair and applied the Henna mix – roots first, then ends. Let it sit for 2+ hours and rinsed with lukewarm water. No shampooing or conditioning is necessary.

Some Don’ts

  1. Don’t mix the Henna into a runny paste, you wouldn’t like green juice running down your face and neck.
  2. Don’t wear light clothes while applying Henna. Wear a cape and protect nails by wearing disposable gloves. Use a brush or an old toothbrush (#sustainable) to apply.
  3. Don’t plan this on a hurried wash day. It takes time, believe me. I used the toothbrush to coat my crown area, this has the maximum greys. Next I used my hands to scoop the mix and apply it on the length of my hair.
  4. Don’t apply on carpeted floor, the stains don’t go away on wiping. Bathroom/shower area works best to rinse away the green stuff that may splatter on floor and walls. If you have someone to help you apply Henna, accept immediately. 🙂
  5. Don’t apply Henna & sleep. While many let Henna sit overnight, sleeping with wet hair brings its own set of problems for me, read a bad cold and migraine. Also the Henna can dry up and it will be difficult to wash this out in the AM.
  6. Finally, don’t bleed green. Henna can drip down your forehead and neck…eeyuck! Protect your ears, nape and forehead by applying a thin layer of vaseline, this prevents any unwanted stains on your skin. Cover hair with double shower cap, wrap a microfiber headband to absorb the drips. I let the Henna sit in for 2 hours.

How to wash

The Henna mask doesn’t come off easily, you need some patience and a lot of water to remove the gritty particles. I use the #bowlmethod to dunk the hair and swish it around to flush them out. Then towel dried a bit and let my hair dry naturally.

Henna results: post wash

My strands looked brown, a little copperish or orange, this can vary depending on how deep the color is. You won’t get an even shade. Also, if you don’t like the results, you cannot undo it. Follow step-2 for adding a black tone the next day. You can continue this with Indigo mask immediately also. I chose to wait as the next step again requires two+ hours to complete.

Step 2: Using the Pure Indigo Mask

Let Indigo sit for 15 minutes before applying.

Mix 50g (double for hair length below bra strap) of Indigo powder with drinking water (200ml or less) in a bowl (use wooden spoon to mix). Use water as required until mix feels like a creamy pudding, leave it for 15 minutes for dye release.

How to apply

Wet hair, towel dry, detangle and section it. Now apply the Indigo mask – roots first, then ends. Let it sit for 2+ hours and rinse with lukewarm water. For darker hues, you can let it sit longer. No shampooing is necessary, but adding a conditioner will help you remove the Indigo particles and prevent any dryness.

Important: Follow most of the don’ts that I had mentioned earlier.

How to wash

The Indigo mask comes off quite easily. Unlike Henna powder, the Indigo powder is rather grainy and with the #bowlmethod you can dunk the hair and swish it around to flush the gritty particles.
I followed this with applying copious amounts of Petal Fresh moisturizing conditioner, raked it in to help detangle and removed it with squish to condish (STC). Next, towel dried and let my hair dry naturally.

Indigo results: post wash

My hair looked darker and greys seem dull. If all goes well, your grey strands would look a shade of blue-black, don’t expect jet black hue. Not all strands will get coated, the color can deepen over the next two days. Your scalp and hair can feel producty. Scratching your scalp will leave your nails with a blue-blackish tinge. So it’s best to cleanse your hair after 48 hours and follow you regular wash cycle. The results are supposed to last up to 3-4 weeks, so you can try this once a month to maintain your greys.

Henna & Indigo: Final thoughts

The 2-step process with Henna + Indigo for black tone takes time and a lot of patience. I prefer the Vaseegrahveda Herbal Black Mask. It is not a dye, but it gives a darkish hue to my greys and prevents premature greying. It takes less time too: 5 minutes for mixing and 20 minutes for letting it sit in hair for results. For a detailed review of the Herbal Black Mask, check my post on Insta.

Some articles that answer more questions about Henna & Indigo applications:

Have questions on the 2-Step Process for Black Tone: With Vaseegrahveda Henna & Indigo powders?
Leave a comment below and I would be glad to help you out.


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