Chitra Chaudhuri

A 2b-2c wavy, I started to revive my natural hair with the Curly Girl Method in April, 2018. I have been documenting my journey, understanding what works, when and how. Helping people inspires me.

With Making Waves Easy, it’s my aim to help Swavy, Wavy and slightly curly–haired friends embrace their natural hair. Given that wavy hair is never really straight or is completely curly, we are caught between these phases. It’s quite easy to give up and resort to straightening hair to keep it non-frizzy. But, I am here to inspire and walk with you, even take you on my journey to reviving and restoring our natural hair texture – Waves. Be it a newbie or someone folowing thier natural hair journey,, my posts are here to offer you something to making your achieve waves easily.

Things I Do
  • #chitratips – tips, methods that worked for me
  • #makingwaveseasy – techniques, routines to achieve wavy hair
  • #curlliberation – curly & wavy events to learn more about natural hair care
  • #makingproductsworkforwavyhair – first impressions, reviews on CG-approved products for wavy/curly hair

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