Melange Elixir Hail Oil: Review

Melange Elixir – a herbal blend of oils by Heena Prakash

Melange Elixir

True to its name, Melange Elixir is a blend of herbs, fruits and vegetables steeped in coconut and other carrier oils. What started as a small, home-concotion, Melange Elixir by Heena Prakash is a favorite choice of many curly and wavy girls and guys in India. Based out of Mysore, formulated by Heena’s sister in law, @soni.talreja this unique blend helps in hair and scalp health. Many who used it have shared stories of hair growth too.

I was one of the lucky ones to try this formulation before it was launched in 2019. I didn’t get much of a chance to try and review it as I couldn’t make it a part of my travel kit.

Buy it. Use it. Review it.

Melange Elixir for LGO styling

I bought two bottles of Melange Elixir: a large one with Vitamin E and a smaller one sans the vitamin from Heena.

I have been using this since 3+ months now, daily twice for scalp massage and I like how light it feels. I cannot stand strong scents and this oil has a nice herbal smell that rejuvenates my senses.

What I like about the Melange Elixir

Not very heavy, can be easily washed off – I used it for pre-poo and left it on my scalp and covered it with a Cholesterol heat cap for deeper treatment. Washed it off with Juicy Chemistry Bhringraj Hibiscus soap bar easily.

Plant-based ingredients – I have always been a fan of coconut-based products, so when I learnt that Melange Elixir uses ingredients like Fenugreek seeds, Amla (gooseberry), Nigella seeds, Hibiscus and Curry leaves, things that my Aunts and Mother had used when I was a kid, it was like going back to my roots.

Oil feels light on hair – lightweight, non-greasy blend, it moisturizes without weighing my hair down.

Mutiple purposes – works as pre-poo given that Melange Elixir contains Castor oil, Mustard Oil & Sesame oil – these work well for a deep treatment with steam/heat on my scalp. I also use it for LGO styling and for smoothing out the cast. I do not SOTC though.

• And the best part, it comes in two flavors: one with Vitamin E and the regular one. I use the former for mixing it with my DCs for extra moisture.

What I wish could improve about the Melange Elixir

  • Packaging and the caps – When I received a sample bottle for trial as well as my recent order the oil arrived in plastic bottles whose caps break easily. I had to transfer my contents in another bottle to carry it on my travel.
  • Freshness and safe use of oils – I would really like Heena to list batch details or at least best before date to ensure that the product is not used beyond the best before date.

Would I buy it again? Yes.

Is it pocket-friendly? Very much.

What’s my interest in writing about it? It’s my way of support a #smallbusiness run by #womenpreneurs.

What other oils do I use regularly besides the Melange Elixir?

  • Vaseegrahvedha Herbal Hair OIl
  • Righteous Roots Rx Oil
  • Juicy Chemistry Bhringraj Oil

How has your experience been with Melange Elixir? Have you tried it?

This review is not sponsored by the brand or anyone else. The views, opinions and experiences shared are my own and are not binding to any contract, offer or influencer agreement.


  1. I have been using Melange Elixir from last three months. I love the oil the way it treats my itchy scalp. The itchiness has reduced to a great extent. Plus the oil is very light.
    Nicely penned down your thoughts about the oil!👏


    1. Thanks Varsha, great to know that Melange Elixir works for you too. I haven’t tried this for itchy/sore scalp issues, but this just strengthens my view. The oil is quite versatile in its uses, guess kitchen herbs always help. 🙂


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